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Frequently Asked Questions

I see discoloration or moisture developing in between my double-pane glass. What is going on?

Chances are your glass seal has failed. Eventually, you will have to replace the glass unit. The good news is you only have to replace the glass unit, not the entire window.

Why don’t my sliding glass door and windows slide as nice as they used to?

Over time, the door/window tracks can fill with dirt, dust and other debris. You can improve the glide of your doors and windows by keeping the tracks clean and free of debris. Also, occasionally spraying tracks, rollers and framing with silicone spray will help keep things rolling smoothly.

I measured my window opening to have a screen made. Why do you still need to take measurements?

Unfortunately, your measurements are not enough to make the screen. Not all windows are made the same. A professional will obtain all measurements required for ensuring a proper fit… and ensuring your complete satisfaction.

My sliding glass door was shattered, but it’s still intact. What should I do?

It’s best to just leave it be. If you mess with it, it will collapse and you will be picking up tiny glass cubes for weeks to come! Give us a call and we can help with the replacement.

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